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Signing up for an account with American Truck Buyer is easier than ever. We offer several account types depending on who you are and what you do:
  • Individual Account - For individual owners and resellers who want to sell a truck.
  • Dealer Account - For dealerhsips with an inventory of trucks to sell.
  • Premium Dealer Account - For dealerhsips with an inventory of trucks to sell with more features, exposure, and less restrictions.
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If you are an individual who owns or operates trucks and trailers or is in search of trucks and trailers for sale, this account is suitable for you. Search through thousands of truck and trailer listings and dealers around the United States and Canada. With the features and tools available, find the right truck at the best price. Features:
  • Search and browse through thousands of truck and trailer listings at any time
  • Search and browse for the nearest dealerhsip in your area or find another one with a better price
  • Post "wanted" listings for a truck or trailer you wish to have but couldnt find on our site
  • Contact dealerships and haggle for the best prices
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This account is for dealerships or individuals who would like to advertise their inventory of trucks and trailers on our site. Although there are a few restrictions on this account, you can still benefit from our great service and recieve plenty of daily exposure. Your information will be added to our database and visitors will can search for you if you meet their criteria. Features:
  • Post (up to 10 listings) your truck or trailer on our database for daily views of THOUSANDS of visitors daily
  • Get listed in our dealership database for easy customer search by location or name
  • Access to useful and intuitive inventory features and tools to keep track of all your listings online
  • Have visitors subscribe to your very own inventory RSS feeds and keep your trucks and trailers on tap on a daily basis
  • Access to your account from anywhere at any time on the Internet
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